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9 November 2022:  Our group is moving in January 2023 to Penn State Department of Electrical Engineering.

23 July 2021:  Dr Christos Argyropoulos has been promoted to SPIE Senior Member.

9 July 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Boyuan Jin for successfully defending his well-deserved PhD. 

29 March 2021:  Dr Christos Argyropoulos received the 2021 College Faculty Research & Creative Activity Award.

20 December 2020:  Dr Christos Argyropoulos promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure.

16 July 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Ying Li for successfully defending her PhD. Excellent job and good luck to Ying's future career. 

16 June 2020: Many congratulations to Dr. Tianjing Guo for successfully defending her PhD. Great job and good luck for her future career. 

10 March 2020: Proud to receive the annual Parents Recognition Award from the UNL Parents Association.

5 January 2020: Congratulations to our team of being funded by a recent DURIP award by ONR.

5 December 2019: Two of our recent papers have been highlighted by Nebraska Engineering News and OSA's Spotlight on Optics.

19 April 2019: Congratulations to UNL SPIE student chapter for being selected as the Group Volunteer of the Year by the University of Nebraska State Museum.

3 April 2019: Dr Christos Argyropoulos received the 2019 College of Engineering Edgerton Innovation Award.

1 April 2019: New interview at Optics and Photonics News.

20 March 2019: Dr Christos Argyropoulos  received the 2018 Nebraska NSF EPSCoR's FIRST Award.

18 December 2018: Dr Christos Argyropoulos has being named an ONR Young Investigator Awardee for 2019.  More details here and relevant Nebraska Today story or here.

15 June 2018: Dr Christos Argyropoulos has been elevated to OSA Senior Member.  More details here and relevant info in this link.

27 April 2017: Dr Christos Argyropoulos has been awarded an ONR Summer Faculty Fellowship and USRI's Young Scientist Award.  More details here.

12 April 2017: Dr Christos Argyropoulos presents an invited seminar organized by NCMN.  

20 December 2016: Our lab was recently equipped with the E5072A ENA Series Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) from Keysight. This instrument has a frequency measurement range between 30 kHz to 8.5 GHz and is ideal for microwave and RF experiments.

29 November 2016: Dr Christos Argyropoulos has been elected to serve as Associate Editor for Optics Express. In addition, he has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member and URSI B full member. We also welcome  Dr. Zhonghua Hao from the Department of Physics at Wuhan University, China, who will spent a year at our lab as a China Scholarship Council (CSC) visiting scholar. 

5 July 2016: Our new paper about four-wave mixing metasurfaces has been published in Scientific ReportsWe also welcome three new summer members to our Lab: Gabriel Teixeira-Graziano-de-Oliveira (summer undegraduate research assistant funded by the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program), Gabriel Rodriguez Linera (REU undergraduate student from University of Puerto Rico), and Varun Noronha (high-school student at Millard North High School, Omaha, NE).

5 April 2016: 
Dr Christos Argyropoulos have joined the editorial board of three journals: Advanced Electromagnetics, FERMAT, and EPJ Applied Metamaterials.

15 February 2016:
Nebraska MRSEC Seed grant has been awarded to our group in collaboration with Morin group at Chemistry. In addition, our joint publication has been accepted in Advanced Materials and recognized on the front page of UNL Today.

15 December 2015:
 Our new invited review paper 'Plasmonic nanoantennas: enhancing light-matter interactions at the nanoscale' has been published online in EPJ Applied Metamaterials.

25 November 2015: 
Our new paper 'Optical bistability with film-coupled metasurfaces' has been published online in Optics Letters.

21 October 2015: Dr Christos Argyropoulos gave a guest speaker talk at the COMSOL Multiphysics Workshop in Lincoln, NE. The title of the talk was: Using COMSOL to simulate light-matter interactions at the nanoscale.

14 September 2015: 
We welcome three new graduate students to our Lab: Ying Li, Tianjing Guo and Boyuan Jin. In addition, one new paper 'Enhanced transmission modulation based on dielectric metasurfaces loaded with graphene' has been published online in Optics Express.

27 July 2015:
Two new papers 'Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation by Metasurface Nanomixer and Nanocavity' and 'Ultrafast spontaneous emission source using plasmonic nanoantennas' have been published online in ACS Photonics and Nature Communications, respectively.

6 June 2015:
We welcome two new members to our Lab, Shobhit and Bruno. Shobhit Patel is an one-year visiting adjunct research associate from Charotar University of Science & Technology, India. Bruno Silva is a summer undegraduate research assistant funded by the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program.

21 May 2015: Dr Christos Argyropoulos 
has been invited to give an Extra Colloquium at FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The title of the colloquium is: Nanoantennas and metasurfaces to enhance light-matter interactions at nanoscale.

7 May 2015:
 Our new paper 'Leveraging Nanocavity Harmonics for Control of Optical Processes in 2D Semiconductors' has been published online in Nanoletters.

22 April 2015: Dr Christos Argyropoulos 
has been appointed as a Faculty Associate at the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience and the UNL Center for Electro-Optics and Functionalized Surfaces.

22 February 2015: Dr Christos Argyropoulos
has been appointed as Guest Co-Editor of the EPJ Applied Metamaterials Special Issues of the Metamaterials' Congress (International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics). This year congress will be held at Oxford, UK, during 7-10 September 2015.

17 January 2015: Dr Christos Argyropoulos
 has been invited to give a talk at the special session titled "Computational Electromagnetics and 2D Materials: Graphene and Beyond" at the ACES 2015 conference (31st International Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics), March 22-26, 2015, Williamsburg, VA, USA.

17 November 2014: Dr Christos Argyropoulos has been invited to give four seminar talks in Europe: Queen Mary, University of London, UK (17 Nov), Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany (19 Nov), National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece (21 Nov) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece (24 Nov)

28 October 2014: Dr Christos Argyropoulos 
will give an EECS Fall 2014 Seminar Series and IEEE AP/MTT Technical meeting invited talk at University of Central Florida, Orlando USA. The title of the talk is: Metamaterials, metasurfaces and plasmonic devices to efficiently control the electromagnetic waves

20 September 2014: Our paper 'Numerical Studies of the Modification of Photodynamic Processes by Film-Coupled Plasmonic Nanoparticleshas been published in the Journal of Optical Society of America B.

12 October 2014: 
Our paper 'Probing the mechanisms of large Purcell enhancement in plasmonic nanoantennas' has been published online in Nature Photonics.

10 October 2014
Dr Christos Argyropoulos will give an invited IEEE seminar talk at University of Texas at Austin, USA. The title of the talk is: Enhanced Purcell Factor and Optical Nonlinear Effects Using Plasmonic Patch Nanoantennas

29 September 2014
: Our paper 'Temporal soliton excitation in an ε-near-zero plasmonic metamaterial' has been published in Optics Letters

2 September 2014: Our paper 'Probing the mechanisms of large Purcell enhancement in plasmonic nanoantennas' has been accepted in Nature Photonics.