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Our group moved on January 2023 to Penn State Department of Electrical Engineering. Please visit our new and updated website: https://sites.psu.edu/argyropoulos/


Our research interests span the broad areas of computational electromagnetics, linear and nonlinear plasmonics, tunable and reconfigurable metamaterials and metadevices, antenna design, nanotechnology, and nanophotonics. In particular, we are interested in metamaterials, which are artificially constructed structures able to exhibit novel functionalities not available in materials provided by nature. In the past, unusual electromagnetic properties, such as negative refraction and invisibility, were able to be obtained with different metamaterial structures. These artificial electromagnetic materials were proposed to efficiently control and tame the electromagnetic waves in unprecedented ways with the possibility to extend these findings to acoustic, matter and quantum wave systems.

We are also very interested in the recently established research field of nanophotonics or plasmonics , which holds great promise to control, confine and manipulate light-matter interactions at nanoscale regions. It combines the miniaturized dimensions of semiconductor technology with the high speed data rates and enhanced bandwidths achieved by photonic devices. It can bridge the gap between these two well-established technologies and can lead towards the practical implementation of ultrabroadband wireless communications, ultrafast optical computers, efficient energy harvesting devices and novel medical or material sensors.